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Jozankei Onsen Snow Light Path

Jozankei Onsen Snow Light Path

Snow Lights and Tranquility Create a Mysterious Scenery

An installation event that colors the winter evenings of the hot spring village. The warm lights of numerous snow candles create a fantastic world in the shrine in the hot spring village. One of the popular things to do here is "flames of wishes." It is said that if you light a candle and are able to carry it to the snow tower without it going out, your wish will be granted.

Motoo Marumaru's

Point to Note!

The gentle flickering light is named 1/F fluctuation, also known as pink noise, which is expected to have a healing effect.

Basic Information

EVENT PERIOD 2018/1/31(wed) - 2/4(sun)
ADDRESS Jozankei Onsen higashi 3, Minami-ku, Sapporo (Jozankei shrine)
PHONE 011-598-2012
PARKING 30 cars


From "Sapporo" JR Sta., take the Jotetsu Bus and get off at "Jozankei Jinja Mae" bus stop, 3 min. on foot.

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