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Lovers' Night View


Lovers' Night View

A romantic atmosphere brings the couple closer together.
Introducing the most romantic night view spots that are perfect for dates.

Asahiyama Memorial Park

Fantastic night view just for two.
Asahiyama Memorial Park

Enjoy varying views of the city from different parts of the park.
Paths have been maintained so you can enjoy an evening walk together and search for your perfect view all your own. If you tire from walking, take a break and sit for a while on the bench.

Moerenuma Park

Experience the changing art of water and light.
Moerenuma Park

One of the few extraordinary art spots in Sapporo, designed by Isamu Noguchi, prominent sculptor of the 20th Century. Every evening, couples show up to view the illumination show of the "Ocean Fountain" in the middle.
The expressions of the magical sculptures of water, change with the illumination of colorful lights,
and are sure to amaze you.

Recommended restaurants to enhance the
prelude or encore of viewing the skyline.

L'enfant qui reve, a French restaurant inside the Moere Park Glass Pyramid, is in fact the sister restaurant of 3-star French restaurant Moliere, in Chuo-ku, Sapporo. Enjoy a delicious French meal made with the finest Hokkaido ingredients, either as a prelude to your evening, or as an encore. The name L'enfant qui reve, is derived from the French phrase, "young dreamer."
The restaurant is a popular hub for early dinners, as you can view the sunset from the restaurant as you dine.

L'enfant qui reve
L'enfant qui reve
L'enfant qui reve
  • lenfant qui reve
  • Moerenuma koen 1-1, Higashi-ku, Sapporo
    TEL 011-791-3255
  • 4/2〜9/23:
    Lunch 11:30〜14:30 / Dinner 17:30〜20:00
    Lunch 11:30〜14:00 / Dinner 17:30〜19:30