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Susukino Intersection

Susukino Intersection

Gleaming Neon Lights are Brought to Life by the Excitement of the City

Susukino; the largest entertainment district north of Tokyo. Approximately 3,500 restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs are crowded together inside and around the skyrises. Neon lights add color and vibrance to the liveliness of the city. Nighttime events such as the Susukino Festival in summer and the Ice World in winter, provide added attraction to the city.

Motoo Marumaru's

Point to Note!

The dazzling night view of the entertainment district is accentuated by bright neon signs. Excitement and energy levels are heightened by the showers of light that wash over you.

Basic Information

ADDRESS Minami 4 to 7, Nishi 2 to 5 Area,
Chuo-ku, Sapporo


From the "Susukino" & "Hosui susukino" Subway Sta., soon.

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